Photo Gallery

IMG_1038Brittni, age 19, says that this picture is special
to her because it “shows that I like to fully
embrace who I am and my disability.”
Brittni is 4’8″

A family with three members affected by LS:  Jonathan (back row, left), and mother and daughter Ellen and Emily (seated, left to right).  Also pictured are Ellen and Jonathan’s mother, Edith, and Marc (Ellen’s husband & Emily’s dad).  This photo was taken in July, 2015 in Washington, DC where Emily was invited to speak at event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).


Jonathan, age 51, standing in front of his hand-made shelf; take note of his contracted knees.  Norm Abrams, from The New Yankee Workshop, is his idol. 

13331136_960771537373146_6381452874666356873_n 10402043_767373023379666_9219597377219382743_n
LS does not stop Dee,age 51, from living an active life.




Alexa through the years.

Top photo, age 4, in spica cast after 7th surgery on knees and hips.  Bottom left, age 5, and top right, current age 26, at a family graduation.  Alexa is 4’6″ tall.

IMG_1041Hand showing spatulate (wide, flat) thumb and
long, cylindrical fingers

Above photo shows some common foot deformities associated
with LS:  webbed (overlapping) toes, equinovarus (foot curving inward),
and syndactly of 2nd and 3rd toes on right foot  (toe bones are fused 
together such that the toes appear connected).

Examples of Orthotics (Braces);
Left brace is a KAFO- knee, ankle, foot orthotic;
Right brace is an AFO- ankle, foot orthotic




Did you or a loved one with LS just celebrate a special occasion or achieve an important milestone?  If so, spread the good news.  Please email a photo and/or brief description of event to