Watch this video of 13 year old Makenna Schwab featured on a Seattle news channel for her fund-raising efforts on behalf of the hospital that has treated her since she was born.  With her help, the hospital obtained low-dose radiation equipment.  Way to go Makenna!

Although the reporters never mention LS specifically, it is in fact Addison Bryan from our LS community who caught national attention when she asked for money for her birthday.  But she was not asking for it for her own personal gain.  Rather, she was fund-raising for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, the same hospital that has helped her so much.  The story ran on ABC World News on August 15, 2015, Addie’s  8th birthday.  Way to go Addie!!  For a replay of the video that aired, click here:

Sam, age 2 1/2 at the time of the video below,  demonstrates that being in a halo is not as restrictive as it looks.  His Mom Rebecca says that “he was so resourceful that he figured out how to wheel his chair thru the house without his hands.  He also figured out how to move furniture, laundry baskets, and toys.”  Sam is now 7 years old.

In the following video Jalen, 12, talks about designing a video game design “for people that have to lay in a hospital bed, or don’t walk, or don’t have arms or legs.”  How thoughtful Jalen!!

LSRC founder Ellen and her daughter Emily discuss life with LS and parenting with a disability.

If you, or someone you know with LS, is featured in a story (newspaper, TV, or on-line), please be sure to contact so the LSRC can share news.